Blackberry Wreath - Millersburg
While the overall design is similar to the Grape Wreath and Strawberry Wreath patterns, the Blackberry Wreath is the only one with a central berry that has three leaves. Above left is a green plate and a blue ice cream shaped sauce.

Shapes include 6-7 inch small plates, 6 inch ruffled or 3/1 sauces, 7-8 inch midsize ice cream shaped, ruffled or 3/1 edge bowls and 9-10 inch large ruffled, ice cream shaped, square shaped or 3/1 edge bowls. Colors are the typical Millersburg colors of amethyst, green, marigold and the rarer blue.

Shown here are a regular Blackberry Wreath bowl (at the left) and the 4-leaf variant. Both photos are aligned so the the square wreaths are at the same angle. You can see that in the regular version the central berry has three leaves and hangs down more or less from the center of one side of the wreath, while on the variant there are four smaller leaves and the berry hangs down so that it is on more of a diagonal. You'll also note some slight differences in the berries and other detail. Thanks to David Scammell for the photo of the variant.
There are two chop plates each in amethyst and marigold and one spittoon whimsey each in green and marigold. Above are one of the amethyst chop plates and the green spittoon.