Grapevine Lattice - Dugan
The name Grapevine Lattice is is very descriptive of the actual pattern. Woody vines with a bark texture crisscross the pieces found in this pattern. Shapes include waters sets, consisting of tankard pitchers and tumblers; bowls and plates, both about 7 inches across; and hats formed from a tumbler. These hats are typically in the JIP shape with one side up and one side down. Grapevine Lattice water sets appeared in 1912 to 1914 Butler Brothers catalogs.

Pitchers and tumblers in the Grapevine Lattice pattern are sometimes confused with Fenton's Lattice and Grape but there are no grapes on this pattern just grape vines. Pitchers have an applied handle thus the handle is not iridized. There are two variations of the tumblers with one having a clear band at the bottom and the other having that space filled with vertical grass like lines.

Bowls and plates in Grapevine Lattice are sometimes confused with Dugan's own Apple Blossom Twigs. This pattern, however, does not have the apple blossom, only the lattice of the vines. The plates are flat and the bowls are always low six or eight ruffled.

Water sets are found in amethyst, blue, marigold and white. Amethyst is the most available and blue is the rarest. Bowls and plates are also found in amethyst, marigold and white. A handful of plates have been found in peach opal, although both the opal and the iridescence on these plates are considered weak.

Both the pitchers and tumblers have been reproduced.