Apple Blossom Twigs - Dugan
This pattern has a central apple blossom bordered by four overlapping twigs. Bowls can be found with edge treatments that include deep three-in-one, ruffled, ice cream shape and an occasional piece with two sides pulled up into a banana dish shape.

The two plates shown in the top row above display another difference in both bowls and plates: either a sawtoothed edge as on the left, or a smooth edge as on the right. The smooth edge versions are much more scarce than the sawtooth and are a bit more valuable (though auctioneers don't always designate the difference). The plain edge pieces are slightly larger than the sawtooth edge pieces.

The saw tooth edge pieces have a back pattern called Reedy Basketweave. This basketweave back can be seen in two photos above. This basketweave back pattern also appears on Fanciful and Roundup pieces. The plain edge pieces have a plain back which is often uniridized.

In the bottom row is a three-in-one edged bowl and one of only two known Apple Blossom Twigs pieces in ice blue; a ruffled bowl.

Found in amethyst, blue, lavender, marigold, peach opal and white.