Fine Rib Vases - Fenton
Other than Imperial's Ripple, you'll probably see more Fenton Fine Rib vases than any other pattern. There is a standard size (base diameter 2 1/2-2 3/4 inches), a large stardard size (3 inches), and a midsize (3 3/4 inches). Heights vary from 8 to 13 inches for the smaller sized bases and up to 18 inches for the midsize. The tops are always treated much the same as shown in the photo. Both the standard size and the large standard size have a smooth band at the top with six pointed flames. The midsize has no band--the ribs continue all the way to the top. Red is quite common (indeed, almost every auction seems to have one). Above are green (large), marigold (midsize), and blue (standard). An aqua opal example is on the right. Entire collections can be built with all the differnet colors and sizes available.

Sometimes confused with Northwood's version.