Fern Panels - Fenton
Another Fenton pattern found only in hat shapes. There are ferns radiating out from the center. Usually ruffled, sometimes crimped or jack-in-the-pulpit. This nicely ruffled red example is courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker.

Colors found include amethyst, blue, green, marigold, marigold on milk glass, red and white. Marigold is seen the most.

Flowering Dill - Fenton
Yet another of Fenton's little hat shapes, this one not seen as often as Open Edge or Holly. They may have four or six ruffles, be jack-in-the-pulpit shapes or even tricorner. Some are crimped.

Colors include amethyst, blue, marigold, marigold on moonstone, red and vaseline.

French Knots - Fenton
This pattern, easily confused with other hat shapes, has leaves from which extend from curved stems that end in a group of seven or ten dots. A scarce pattern Available in amethyst, blue, green, marigold and white. White is the rarest.
Pepper Plant versus Holly - Fenton
Pepper Plant hats (left photos) are quite similar to Fenton's Holly hats (right photo). In fact, some collectors claim that Pepper Plant is really a Holly hat in which the holly berries have been elongated during the ruffling process. However, close examination shows that the plants are different. Furthermore, the Pepper Plant has a hexagonal base while the Holly hats have a round base.

Pepper Plant is found in 6-ruffled or square hats in amethyst, blue, green, lavender, marigold and vaseline.

One Pepper Plant hat is known with advertising molded into the base.