Holly - Fenton
Another of Fenton's very popular patterns and found in quite a range of colors. Shapes include plates and bowls, rosebowls made from the same mold as the plates and bowls, hats, and the little stemmed compotes. The plate above left is in aqua opal, the only one known. Courtesy of John Mikkonen. The ruffled bowl in the center is in red and the blue bowl on the right has a three-in-one edge. Rosebowls are quite rare.

Nine inch bowls come in several edge shapes; ruffled, 3/1, ice cream shape, round or crimped. Both plates and bowls come in a variety of colors.

Holly hats are found in a variety of top shapes and colors. From left to right are a ruffled hat in aqua opal, a green JIP with crimped edge in green and a two sides up in cherry red. Red is a fairly common color.

These small Holly compotes are also found in a variety of top shapes and colors. The pattern on the compotes differs slightly from the plates, bowls and hats in that the compotes have vertical ribs along with the holly on the interior of the pieces. All Holly pieces have plain exteriors.

The photo to the left shows the shapes available in Holly compotes. From left to right, they are flared round, round, six ruffled. six ruffled crimped and two sides up. The two photos on the right show various colors that the compotes are found in including; lime green opal, lime green, vaseline, amethyst, green, blue, sapphire, powder blue, red and marigold. Other colors including a rare white are also known.