The Northwood patterns below all come in just the compote shape.
Blackberry - Northwood
Blackberry is found on the interior of Northwood compotes. The exterior has the typical Northwood Basketweave pattern. Blackberry is also found as the interior pattern of some Daisy and Plume items.

These compotes can be found in amethyst, green and marigold. White is rarely found in this pattern. There is typically a Northwood mark on the bottom of the base.

Blackberry and Rays - Northwood
A rare compote. The rays distinguish the pattern from other berry compotes. The berry and leaf pattern is small in comparison to other berry compotes and pushed into the center, giving alot of room around the border for the rays. The exterior is plain without pattern.

Found in amethyst, green and marigold.

Blossomtime and Wild Flower - Northwood
Blossomtime, on the left, has an interior pattern of blossoms and overlapping arcs. The easiest way to confirm the pattern is by its unique threaded stem. Found only in ruffled compotes with Northwood's Wild Flower pattern on the exterior.

While Wild Flower is the exterior pattern on the much better known (and more easily found) Northwood Blossomtime compote, it can be found with a plain interior. With a smooth interior, this compote is simply Northwood's Wild Flower. Note the unique twisted stem.

These compotes can be found in amethyst, green and marigold. There is typically a Northwood mark on the bottom of the base.

Colonial Tulip - Northwood
This simple compote is found the limited colors of green and marigold. The exterior has six panels, the base is round and the top is typically ruffled. The interior may be ribbed or plain as shown in the two examples above. These are typically marked on the inside bottom with Northwood's "N".

This marigold compote is 5 5/8 inches tall and the plain base is 3 inches across.

Fern - Northwood
This compote is seen so seldom that it often gets lost in the shuffle. These come in a limited color range of amethyst, green and marigold. The pattern is used on the interior of Northwood's stemmed compotes with Daisy and Plume on the exterior. A similar design is Northwood's Harvest Poppy below.
Harvest Poppy - Northwood
At first glance Harvest Poppy looks like other floral-interior compotes, but this design has the flowers extending out from the center. This amethyst compote shows the pattern well. Note the stippling in the background. Other colors available are blue, green and marigold.
Petals - Northwood
Northwood's Petals compote has a dominant pattern of petals or scales with a rosette in the center. A fairly scarce pattern. The compote is short at only 3 1/4 inches tall while it is 7 1/2 inches across the top. The exterior is plain with the exception of a faint scallop pattern on the top of the base.

Colors found are amethyst, a rare blue, green, a rare ice blue and marigold.