Daisy and Plume - Northwood, Dugan
Daisy and Plume is found in two versions; the three footed as shown on the left, and the stemmed as shown on the right. The three-footed version may have a plain interior, a rayed interior, or a berry interior; the stemmed a plain or fern-type interior. The berry interior pieces are more desirable than the others. In additon, each version is cupped in to form a rosebowl or may be spread out to make what's called a candy dish in the three-footed version or a compote in the stemmed version. The stemmed version also has two variations; one with a plain top as shown in the amber example above or with a band as shown in the purple example.
On the left is one of a handful of known Daisy and Plume footed rosebowls in aqua opal. It sold for $17,000 in 1997. On the right is one of the Dugan versions of this pattern. Peach opal examples will be Dugan.
To the left is a compote in ice blue, a rare color in this piece.