Embroidered Mums - Northwood
Northwood's Embroidered Mums pattern has stitchery details with six chrysanthemums in a ring. It has about the same design density as Northwood's Hearts and Flowers pattern, so make sure you check for the mums. Most pieces have the ribbed back, but a few have a plain exterior. No ice cream shaped bowls are known, only PCE and Ruffled. Pie-crust-edged bowls are rarer in this pattern and are known only in amethyst, aqua, blue and sapphire blue. Ruffled bowls are known in more colors including green, horehound, ice blue, ice blue opal, ice green, lavender, lime green opal, marigold, sapphire blue and white.

Shown above is a PCE bowl in amethyst and a ruffled bowl in aqua-opal.

Northwood's Embroidered Mums also comes in standard 9 inch plates. Most have the ribbed back exterior which can be seen thru this lime green plate pictured above. Plates are known in blue, ice green, lime green and white. The photo on the right shows the Embroidered Mums bonbon which comes only in white. The shape of the bonbon is similar to Northwood's Fruits and Flowers.
Northwood's Embroidered Mums ruffled bowls in ice green and ice blue.