Hearts and Flowers - Northwood
Characterized by the circular band of heart shapes, Hearts and Flowers is an extraordinarily popular pattern, available in a great variety of colors--though only three shapes (plates, ruffled and PCE bowls and compotes). If you like the idea of collecting colors within a pattern, there are few better places to start. The pattern accounts for a significant amount of all classic carnival items sold at auction. Compotes, by the way, are more common than bowls.

The plate at the upper left is ice blue, the pie crust edged bowl above is ice green.

Note that Fenton has a similar contemporary pattern, but such pieces should be marked.

The compotes to the left are electric blue, marigold, and green.

The compote to the right was listed as powder blue opal at a 2005 auction. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.