Dogwood Sprays - Dugan
Dogwood Sprays has two sprays around the bowl and a small blossom medallion in the center. All examples have the typical Dugan dome-footed base. Most examples are ruffled like the purple example above left, but some are deep enough that they could be called compotes, as with the peach opal example on the right. The shape, however, makes little difference in the value. Note that this pattern is sometimes confused with Carolina Dogwood by Westmoreland. Items in blue opal and marigold on milk glass will be Carolina Dogwood.
The photo to the left, shows the simple exterior pattern called Long Leaf.

Dugan collector Larry Keig adds, "Dogwood Sprays is available in cobalt blue as well as peach opal, purple, and marigold and that -- occasionally -- the compote is pulled up enough to look like a vase. As far as I know, all Dogwood Sprays pieces carry the Long Leaf exterior; Long Leaf shows up especially well on the vases."