Carolina Dogwood - Westmoreland

Don't confuse Carolina Dogwood with a similar-looking pattern by Dugan called Dogwood Sprays. This one has an overall design of petals and leaves punctuated by the five-petal flower in the center. To the left is a blue opal ruffled bowl. Most bowls are ruffled, a few round or ice cream shaped.

Fenton, who apparently had the mold, reissued ruffled bowls in purple and red in the 1970s.

In addition to the Blue Opal color shown above, Westmoreland produced its glass in other opaque colors as shown above. From left to right, are marigold on milk glass, marigold on moonstone and peach opal. Purple is another color that can be found.

Notice the interesting ruffle of the bowl pictured to the far right.