Apple Blossoms - Dugan
Apple Blossoms has a wreath of apple blossoms around a central blossom. The wreath has four apple blossoms connected by a band with diagonal lines. Seen mostly in seven inch ruffled bowls or scarcer rosebowls. The exterior is unpatterned.

Mostly found in marigold and only occasionally in amethyst. Other colors have been noted including a yellow amber but should be considered rare.

Don't confuse Apple Blossoms with another Dugan pattern, Apple Blossom Twigs.

The photo on the right shows an unusual shape and color for Apple Blossoms, a deep round bowl in amethyst.

Golden Grape - Dugan
Golden Grape is found only in small (about seven inches) bowls and an occasional rosebowl. Typically found in marigold, but Carl O. Burns reports amethyst and possibly green and Samantha Prince reports that she has a rosebowl in pink afterglow.

The pattern, which is focused in the center, consists of three grape leaves alternating with three bunches of grapes.

Similar to Apple Blossoms above, Golden Grape has an unpatterned exterior.

Malaga - Dugan
Dugan's Malaga pattern is quite hard to find. The pattern has a large group of grapes in the center resting on top of a bunch of leaves. The outer parts are plain.

Malaga is a sweet Spanish wine and is pronounced (according to Webster's), MAL-a-ga.

Only a handful of pieces in this pattern have sold in the last several years. The rosebowl,abover right, is amethyst and is from the collection of Carl and Eunice Booker. To the left is an unusual nut bowl shape in marigold.