Weishar Glass - Wheeling, West Virgina
The following is taken directly from Weishar Enterprises website. Please visit it here.

"The Moon & Star Design (also know as "The Palace") is a Victorian Pattern which was first introduced in the 1800's. The Pattern was very popular, but due to the heaviness of the glass, transporting it by stagecoach was difficult and not practical. It has been heard to be Abraham Lincoln's favorite piece.

In the 1960's approximately a dozen of the original pieces were reproduced by J.D. and Joseph Weishar. The Moon & Star design was incorporated into approximately 100 new items which were sold nationwide for several years. In 1988, Weishar Enterprises introduced the half scale miniature water sets.

In 1993, we introduced the Moon & Star Collectable Line, (which is full size). They are made from the original moulds, which have been slightly altered to include the Weishar signature. The signature is that of the late Joseph J. Weishar the creator of the Moon & Star glass."

Weishar Glass of Wheeling, West Virginia made and still sells the Moon and Star pattern in many shapes with some iridized.

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