Imperial Candleholders
Colonial or Delta Base
Colonial or Delta Base candle sticks by Imperial are typically considered Stretch Glass, but other Colonial shapes were made.
One of the few ecclesiastical objects in Carnival, this 9 1/2-inch tall candleholder is known only in marigold and rare smoke. Made by Imperial and possible others.
Double Scroll
Double Scroll comes in a console set of two candlesticks and a large oval footed bowl. Considered to be more stretch glass than carnival glass due to the colors it is found in including marigold, teal, smoke, red and white. It does have a pattern of scrolls which then leads it to be carnival glass.

There is a variant to the Double Scroll console set which adds an addtional pattern of swirled ribs to the inside of the bowl and to the underside of the candlesticks. This swirl version has two sizes of candlesticks as shown in the ad below.

Flute and Cane
Imperial made these sticks and several other shapes in the Flute and Cane pattern. Mostly found in marigold but a rare smoke is known. These have been reproduced in purple.
Premium and Premium Swirl
Imperial made these Premium sticks. Found in marigold and smoke. They are often included with stretch glass. Imperial catalogs show these candlesticks paired with large bowls to create console sets which was a typical stretch shape.

A variation has a swirled rib pattern under the base of the sticks and these are paired with the large Swirled Rib bowl and platter as shown below.

Six Sided and Six Sided Variant
Imperial's Six-Sided candleholders are easy to spot. Their unique feature is the bulbous segment one-third of the way from the top that contains hexagonal hobstar medallions. Found in amber, green, marigold, purple and smoke.

Imperial's Six-Sided Variant candleholders lacks detail at the intersection of the panels. About 7 inches tall.

Soda Gold
Imperial made Soda Gold in a water set and console sets which include a bowl and two candlesticks. Items are found in marigold and smoke.