Chesterfield - Imperial #600, #672 and #22/27
Items that we call Chesterfield are shown in old Imperial Glass catalogs as mold numbers 600, 672 and 22/27. Typically Chesterfield is mold #600 but some Chesterfield pieces are paired with pieces having another mold number to make certain sets. The Chesterfield pattern consists of exterior fluted panels each ending in a rounded top with a plain band above. A common way to tell Chesterfield is to look for the flat portion at the top of the handled pieces. Water sets consisting of a #600 pitcher and six #672 tumblers are found in marigold, red, teal and white. Occasionally, a pitcher is found with a lid such as the marigold set shown. These four water sets were part of the Waln collection and the photos are courtesy of Burns Auction Services. The #672 tumbler is also found in two sizes. The 3 and 1/2 inch tall #600 sherbert sits on a #672 small plate, both in red.

Chesterfield pieces are sometimes mistakenly identified as Colonial or Wide Panel.

The Chesterfield pieces shown above are a 2 inch tall individual salt and a 2 1/2 inch tall handled toothpick holder. The salt is typically found in marigold with a single purple example known. The handled toothpick is only found in marigold. Salts and handled toothpicks are typically marked with Imperial's iron cross.

Also shown above are a creamer and a sugar in teal. Together, these form a breakfast set. Although the creamer and sugar are typically called Chesterfield, probably because they have the typical flat top to the handles, they are from a different mold series than other Chesterfield pieces as the flutes are on the interior and not on the exterior. While Chesterfield pieces are shown as mold #600 in old Imperial catalogs, the creamer and sugar above are shown as mold #22/27. These creamers and sugars are found in marigold, red, teal and white.

Candlesticks are found in two heights; 7 1/4 and 9 inches. Candlesticks are reported in clambroth, purple, red, smoke, and white as well as the teal and the marigold shown. In an old Imperial catalog, the Chesterfield candlesticks were paired with the Floral and Optic three toed bowls to form a console set.

Compotes are found in various sizes as well as various colors including clambroth, marigold, red, smoke, teal and white. A compote that has been flattened out to a cake plate is known.

The Imperial catalog ad to the left shows a #600 1/2 Gallon Ice Jug and Cover and Six #672 10oz. Tumblers. The Imperial catalog ad to the right shows five Chesterfield pieces. The first four items to the left in the top row are a #600 Table Salt, a #600 Tooth Pick, a #600 3 1/2 inch Sherbert and a #600 4 inch Ice Cream. In the bottom row to the far right is a #600 10 oz. Lemonade Glass.
To the left is a Chesterfield stemmed and handled bowl. In crystal, these came in various sizes and were called sherberts, bonbons and bowls. This 4 3/4 inch diameter bowl (excludes handles) is the only size known to be iridized.

The Chesterfield lemonade mug is found in clambroth, marigold and white. The example shown to the left has it's top rim flared as compared to the lemonade presented in the ad above.