Floral and Optic - Imperial
The most prominent feature of Floral and Optic is the floral band around the exterior of the pieces. The paneled interior is what is referred to as optic. These pieces have a collar base but actually stand on three toed feet. Rosebowls and plates, sometimes called cake or chop plates, were made from the bowls. Oddly, this is one of the few Imperial patterns in which red appears with any regularity. Many pieces in this pattern have a stretch effect and are usually more desirable. Above is a red bowl and a smoke rosebowl; courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker.
This Marigold on Moonstone bowl to the right shows the internal optic pattern found on these Floral and Optic bowls quite well.

Other than the red, smoke and MMG pieces shwon, other colors include clambroth, marigold, purple, teal and white.

Floral and Optic is also used as the exterior pattern for Double Dutch bowls.