Zipper Loop Oil Lamps - Imperial

Zipper Loop is the most widely available oil lamp in classic American Carnival Glass. It is found in marigold and smoke in a variety of base diameters, heights, and base sizes ranging from about 4 inches to 6 1/2 inches. The 1909 Imperial Glass catalog shows the Zipper Loop lamps as mold number 201. Different sizes were then given a letter to distinguish them when ordering. Notice that the lamps do not come with burners or glass chimneys. You would be buying a barrel full of lamp bases. Thus, Zipper Loop lamps found today can have various types of burners and chimneys.

The 1909 Imperial catalog listed three finger lamps as shown above to the left, one sewing lamp as shown above in the center and seven stand lamps as shown above to the right, as well as, to the direct left. Imperial's catalog discloses how many lamps of each size comes in a barrel and their costs, but the catalog does not give any dimensions of the lamps. Below are dimensions of the pictured lamps which should approximate the lamps in the catalog. The height is measured to the bottom of the burner.

The three Finger Lamps pictured are:
3 5/8" Base 4" Tall
4 1/4" Base 4 1/2" Tall
4 1/4" Base 5" Tall

The Sewing Lamp pictured is:
5 5/8" Base 7 1/4" Tall

The seven Table Lamps pictured are:
3 5/8" Base 6" Tall
4" Base 6 3/8 " Tall
4 3/4" Base 7 1/2" Tall
4 3/4" Base 8" Tall
5 1/4" Base 9" Tall
6" Base 10" Tall
6" Base 10 1/2" Tall

It maybe that other sizes exist. Auctioneers typically just list these lamps as finger lamps or table lamps and seldom give heights or base measurements.

One size of Zipper Loop was reissued by Imperial in both marigold and smoke, with the IG mark part way up the inside of the base.