Wreathed Cherry - Dugan
Dugan's Wreathed Cherry, sometimes called Cherry Wreath, is much like Millersburg's Hanging Cherries and similar to Dugan's own Cherries. In this case, however, the pattern gets it name from the cherries and wreath seen on the pitcher and tumbler and table set pieces. Not easy to find, the red decorated pieces, such as the tumbler in the center in white, are very attractive. Water sets are found in marigold, purple and white although tumblers are reported in horehound.

Table sets have the usual four pieces. The base to the butter is deeper than most and has a many rayed star on the bottom. The other pieces do not have the rayed star. All pieces have a collar base. Table set pieces are found in marigold, purple and white.

With the berry bowls, the pattern is on both the inside and the outside. The bowls are always oval and slightly ruffled. You'll sometimes find Dugan's Wreathed Cherry with metal holders. The small berry in metal frame with spoon was apparently intended for sugar or other condiments. These bowls are found in blue, lavender, marigold, oxblood, peach opal, purple and white.