Wild Rose - Northwood
The unique design of the open edge of this pattern makes it memorable. The rose is on the exterior; the interior is plain or has a rayed design. However, there are three variations of the rayed interior pattern: Stippled Rays, Flat Stippled Rays, and Smooth Rays. Wild Rose is seen most often in a more typical bowl shape with the open edges spread out. Amethyst, blue, green and marigold are the more common colors while ice blue and lavender are more rare.
This is a variant to the typical Northwood Wild Rose pattern that showed up at the Heart of America Carnival Glass Association convention auction in 2013. The usual one above left in blue has interior rays that are pretty common. On the right is the variant. Note that the rays are flat alternating stippled and plain.
The amethyst nut bowl shape, with the sides pointed up, on the left shows the pattern well.

Above right, is one of the rarities in carnival glass, a vaseline Wild Rose which was sold by Burns Auction Services in February 2020. Another rarity is to the right, a sapphire blue rosebowl.

Below is a rare aqua opal bowl and the only reported plate.