Wide Panel, Northwood
Few pieces of carnival glass are as dramatic as these large epergnes--which were originally intended to hold both fruit and flowers. Unfortunately, handling of the several awkward components has led to damage in many of the existing examples.

Epergnes come with five pieces; a base, a center lily and three side lilies. Found only on occasion in Amethyst, Green, Marigold and White. They are very rare in Blue, Ice Blue, Ice Green and Lime Green and only one is known in Aqua Opal.

Vases are difficult to identify as they are similar to many other fairly large vases. These have 10 panels and a base diameter of 4 3/4 inches with a 44-point star in the base. Often seen with a heavier marigold iridescence at the top as shown in the above left photo.

The above right photo shows an amethyst and a green example. The green is 19 1/2 inches tall and the amethyst is 15 inches tall. All amethyst versions seem to have top flames that are more pointed than the rounded versions found on the marigold and green version.

Note that Northwood's Flute vase is quite similar but with eight panels and a 4 1/4-inch base.