Whirling Leaves - Millersburg
Whirling Leaves is a pretty good description of the pattern; four leaves swirling out from the center. The back pattern is called Fine Cut Ovals and is found only with this front pattern. Top left is a ruffled bowl in amethyst--a common combination. Crimped tricorner bowls, such as that top center, are found with some regularity. The top right photo is a 9-inch deep flared bowl in amethyst once belonging to the late Don Moore. Photo courtesy of Wroda Auctions.

Above left is one of the few known Whirling Leaves bowls in blue, and next to it a rare square crimped bowl in vaseline. The square Whirling Leaves bowls are not often seen especially in green with emerald iridescence.

To the right, this square marigold bowl does not have the Whirling Leaves on the front, just the exterior pattern of Fine Cut Ovals. It is thought to be the only one known.