Vintage - Dugan

The pattern is easily confused with Fenton's Vintage pattern but there are distinct differences. Dugan's will have the dome base and a break in the pattern between two bunches of grapes. In addition, the pattern is more concentrated toward the center of the bowl than with the Fenton. The bowl above left is somewhat deeper than the usual ruffled Dugan examples. These dome footed bowls and plates are found in blue, celeste blue, green, marigold and purple.

Both the powder jar and perfume bottles are Dugan. The perfume bottle is often mistakenly designated as Grape and Cable and assumed to be part of Northwood dresser sets. There is no cable on the perfumes or the powder jar. The lid to this Dugan powder jar has three sets of grape leaves and grape bunches around a center group of grapes. The Northwood Grape and Cable powder jar lid has four sets of grape leaves and grape bunches.

The powder jars come in a very rare blue, marigold, purple and a rare white. The perfumes come in marigold and purple.