Twins - Imperial
Another of the many Imperial cut-style or geometric patterns. Probably the most frequently seen punch or fruit bowl, especially on eBay. It can be identified by the arch separating the "twin" hobstars. Imperial's punch/fruit sets can be found with a variety of Imperial bases. Above are sets in marigold, clambroth and smoke. Only a couple of smoke sets are known. Note that the smoke base is actually Hobstar and Arches. The bases on the marigold and clambroth are the correct Twin's base.
Found in these two-piece fruit bowls and small bowls or sauces shown in the photo above. The sauces are found mostly in marigold and only rarely in green or smoke. Blue small bowls are known but would be considered very rare. It is not known if the small bowls were sold with a fruit set or seperately.

The large bowls, atop the bases, may be ruffled or round. All Twins bases are round with the exception of one ruffled base in smoke. The small bowls are only found ruffled.

Catalogs from 1909 and 1911 show Twins to be Imperial' #411 mold. The far left ad shows that Imperial sold the large bowls by themselves and then also sold them as "Two piece footed bowls".