Beauty Bud & Beauty Bud with Twigs Vases - Dugan

Dugan Beauty Bud vases come with twigs at the base and without. These versions are typically 8-9 inches tall. These vases come in amethyst and lavender but are mostly found in marigold. Beauty Bud with Twigs actually come in a larger size. The vase to the right is 12 1/2 inches tall and is only found in marigold. This larger size is quite rare.

While the Beauty Bud vases have an untextured base top, Beauty Bud with Twigs has a tree bark like texture on the tops of their bases. The tree bark like texture does not go out to the edge of the base however, so there is a clear band on the outer edge of the base.

Twigs Vases - Dugan
Dugan's Twigs vases are a different mold than the Beauty Bud vases. They are distinguished by the twigs connecting the base with the bowl of the vase, as well as, their height of only 3 to 4 inches. Shown here, on the left, is a short crimped version in the jack-in-the-pulpit shape. Also found with other top shapes including crimped or 3-ruffled tops and those with straight up sides. These are all found only in purple with the exception of aqua opal examples such as the one pictured here but some have questioned the age of these or the age of the iridescence.

Twigs vases have a bark like texture on the tops of their bases that extend all the way to the outer edge. Notice that the aqua opal vase has the tree bark texture going all the way to the outer edge of the base, thus it is made from the same mold as the purple version next to it.