Tulip and Cane, Imperial
The Tulip and Cane pattern is found only in four sizes of glasses (8 oz Goblets, 4 oz Clarets, 3 oz wines, and 1 1/2 oz cordials), a sauce, and a ruffled compote. Imperial produced the pattern in other shapes in crystal.

At the left are a water goblet (largest), claret (next largest), wine glass, and cordial (smallest). Glasses are found only in Marigold.

Goblets are 6 3/8" tall, top diameter is 3 1/4" across

Clarets are 4 3/4" tall, top diameter is 2 3/4" across

Wines are 4 3/16" tall, top diameter is 2 3/8' across

Cordials are 3 3/8" tall, top diameter is X' across

Goblets arnd clarets are probably the most often found. Cordials are considered rare.

Compotes and sauces are found in marigold and smoke. In 2011, Bill Stoetzel sent this photo below of his Tulip and Cane nappy. It had not been known that such a shape existed, but sure enough, here one is.