Trout and Fly - Millersburg
Trout and Fly is much like Millersburg's Big Fish except it has an insect just beyond the trout's mouth. However, while the patterns are similar, they are distinctly different. Above left is a typical green ice cream shaped bowl and on the right is a close up photo of the insect.
Shown above are two plates in the Millersburg Trout and Fly pattern in amethyst on the left and in marigold on the right. Plates are considered very rare. Bowls can be found in 3n1, diamond, ICS, ruffled and square shapes. The trout is jumping out of the water and it is the water level that determines the correct positioning of the piece and would determine if a bowl is a diamond shape or a square shape. Below to the left is a square bowl and to the right is a diamond shaped bowl.