Tornado - Northwood
Northwood Tornado vases are found in two sizes. The first Northwood size is the small size, at left in photo, which has a base size of 2 5/8 inches and is nominally 6 inches tall. With these small sizes, the zipper column runs all the way down to the top of the base collar. The large Northwood size, second from left, has a base diameter of 3 inches and is about 6 1/2 inches tall. On the large examples, the zipper column runs only to the base of the tornado. The ribbed version, third from left, is the same size as the small version but has fine diagonal ribs. The tornadoes are part of the mold and are therefore not applied to the vase. The typical top treatment of all Tornado vases is a tri-corner ruffle.

The standard vase is found in amethyst, green, horehound, lavender, marigold and white. The larger tornado vase is found in amethyst, green, marigold and white. The ribbed vase is found in amethyst, blue, ice blue, lavender and marigold.

There is a Tornado variant vase that is not a Northwood piece. This pedestaled variant is thought to be of European origin and has applied green tornados and a thin neck just above the base.

Here are two extraordinarily rare Tornado vases being that they are both one-of-a-kind. On the left is a wisteria vase which is flared into an inverted cone shape and on the right is a sapphire blue vase in a spittoon shape with a tri-corner top. The wisteria vase has a ground bottom and is marked with the N in a circle on the inside bottom. The sapphire vase is not marked. Both have stretch iridescence and were made from the large vase mold. They both sold at the 2017 American Carnival Glass Association annual convention. The wisteria vase brought $25,000 and the sapphire vase brought $60,000.