Ten Panels Hat - Dugan
This pattern was named by Larry Keig who, reporting in the June 2005 issue of the International Carnival Glass Association Carnival Pump, stated that as it had not been shown or described in other Carnival Glass publications. He has named it "Ten Panels" as there are ten slightly concave panels pressed into the sides of the interior. There is no other pattern on either the inside, the exterior or outside base. The exterior was not iridized in the three examples Larry has seen.

So far, found only in amethyst, they are seen in six ruffled and tri-corner crimped versions shown above. A new top edge shape was recently discovered and shown with the two other shapes below. It is round and flared with a crimped edge.

Thought to be Dugan, as the color, the uniridized exterior and the top edge shaping are all familiar Dugan traits. But no definitive proof exists that Dugan is the maker.