Ten Mums - Fenton
Tens Mums is a Fenton product and comes in two main shapes: water sets and large bowls. There is one major difference in the two shapes though. While bowls sport ten mums, the pitchers and tumblers have 12. But we call both shapes "Ten Mums".

To the left is a 7 piece tankard water set. They are found in blue, marigold and white. White would be the hardest to find.

To the right is a large bowl with 3 in 1 edging.

Most bowls have a collar base, but occasionaly a ball-footed version appears. The amethyst ruffled bowl, above left, is typical, while the candy ribbon edged versions are considered rarer. To the right is a rare footed version of the Ten Mums bowl. It is in green with a three-in-one edge.

Bowls come in amethyst, blue, green and marigold in three edge treatments: ruffled, 3 in 1 and candy ribbon edge. Ball footed bowls are much rarer and are typically only found in marigold.

There is one known chop plate in blue known.

All Ten Mums bowls and plates have a plain exterior.