Apple and Pear Intaglio, Cherry Intaglio, Strawberry Intaglio and Thistle Intaglio - Northwood
The Apple and Pear Intaglio, Cherry Intaglio, Strawberry Intaglio and the Thistle Intaglio patterns each have the design cut into the exterior of the bowl--which is very thick glass. The iridescence is on the outside, not the inside, of these 9 3/4 inch marigold bowls. These were made by Northwood using moulds that previously were used to make Goofus Glass where the exterior fruit were painted reds, greens and gold. These moulds were rushed into Carnival production when Carnival started to become popular. Production must have been limited as Northwood soon made new moulds of new patterns to use in Carnival production.

The Apple and Pear is probably found most often followed by the Strawberry. The Cherry is seldom found and only one of the Thistle Intaglio bowls is known.

The photo on the left shows the master Apple and Pear Intaglio 9 3/4 inch berry bowl with six 4 3/4 inch individual berry bowls forming a complete berry set. The photo above to the right shows a Strawberry Intaglio master berry bowl and two individual sauces. The Cherry Intaglio pattern is also known to have individual sauces. The Thistle Intaglio pattern has no known sauces or berry bowls.