Stork and Rushes, Stork and Rushes/Lattice Band - Dugan
Dugan made their Stork and Rushes in two slightly different patterns. One, as shown in the water set above left, has a band of beads at the top and bottom of the pieces. The second has a lattice band at top and bottom, as shown in the pitcher on the right. Stork and Rushes beaded water sets are found in amethyst, blue and marigold. The lattice band water pitcher is limited to blue but its tumblers are also found in amethsyt, aqua and marigold.

L.G. Wright reproduced the Stork and Rushes pattern in water sets and table sets.

To the left are two versions of the Stork and Rushes punch set. Typically they are found with a round bowl. Only on very rare occasions is the puch bowl ruffled.

Note the interesting stand for the punch bowls. Despite the fact that it does not match the other parts of the pattern and looks too tall to be the correct stand, it is the right one. Dugan designed the base to serve as a vase when turned upside down. The vase, when found alone, is called Summer Days.

Punch sets and the vase are only found in the amethyst and marigold shown. Punch sets are known only in the beaded versions.

Although complete table sets are known, they are quite rare and mostly found in marigold. Even the components appear infrequently. Table sets are known only in the beaded versions.

Baskets and hats were made from the lattice band tumbler in either amethyst or marigold. Mugs were also made using the lattice band design in amethyst, blue or marigold.

Large and small berry bowls are also found in the lattice band and beaded design. They are in amethyst and marigold.

Notice that in the photo to the left, the berry bowl in the front on the left is a beaded version while the berry bowl on the right in front is a lattice band version.

This stemmed two handled bonbon may be the only one known. Notice that it is the lattice band version. It is in a satin marigold color. It sold at a 2021 Seeck auction. Photos courtesy of Seeck Auctions.