Stippled Rays - Fenton
Some of Fenton's Stippled Rays are easy to spot as they have their typical bracket edge as seen in this bonbon. Fenton's Stippled Rays pattern has alternating plain and stippled rays emanating from the center.

Also in this pattern are the breakfast creamer and sugar shown here in marigold. The breakfast set has a sawtooth edge top and the pattern is on the exterior. Fenton also used the Stippled Rays pattern on the interior of their Scale Band plates and bowls.

Fenton's Stippled Rays comes in larger bowls such as this three-in-one edge bowl in green. Note that the large bowls have a smooth edge. Complete berry sets are available in medium and small sized bowls. Both sized bowls in this blue berry set have the bracket edge.
Fenton's Stippled Rays also comes in various shaped small compotes. The compote on the left is found in both carnival and stretch glass colors. Here is the compote in celeste blue with a scalloped top and the pattern on the interior. These compotes can also have a smooth edge. The compote in the center has a round base, a straight stem and a smooth top edge. The interior pattern of Stippled Rays ends before reaching the outer edge. The compote on the right is very difficult to find. It is similar to the breakfast set pieces as it has a sawtooth edge top and the pattern is on the exterior.
The bowl above is a variant of Fenton's Stippled Rays. The swirled pattern in the base of the bowls makes it unique. This bowl is found round or ruffled and in red slag or olive green.