Stippled Estate - Dugan
Although the name implies a relationship to the Estate pattern by Westmoreland, this vase is quite different. There appears to be two distinct versions and sizes; the 6-inch tall version shown here is actually from Dugan's Venetian line of glass and the one to the right, that is 3 inches tall, is peach opal carnival glass.

Venetion glass characteristics include a rough textured surface from being rolled in "frit" while still hot. This frit provides the Venetion line with its iridescence. The carnival glass piece lacks this textured surface as the iridescence is sprayed on. Both have a pattern of lines that wander randomly over the surface, are pinched in at the sides, and have a ruffled top.

Dugan's Venetian line includes additonal sizes of this vase shape as well as many other shapes. The Venetian line included several colors including amethyst, aqua, green, lavender, lime green, marigold and vaseline. The carnival piece is only found in peach opal in this one size.