Smooth Rays - Dugan
Dugan's version of Smooth Rays can be distinguished from other makers as it is typically paired with another Dugan pattern such as the Jeweled Heart or Caroline exteriors or Stippled Flower interiors. However, Dugan's Smooth Rays interiors can have a plain exterior. Found in large and small bowls and small crimped edge plates in purple and peach opal and a basket in peach opal only.

If the piece has beading on the edge it will have the Jeweled Heart exterior (above center). The Dugan Smooth Rays small plate, pictured above to the right, usually has a crimped edge and the Jeweled Heart exterior. When paired with Jeweled Heart, Dugan's Smooth Rays pattern has a clear unpatterned circle in the center.

The basic Smooth Rays pattern is also used on the interior of Dugan's Stippled Flower. Here, the clear unpatterned center is filled with the Stippled Flower design.

When Smooth Rays is paired with the Caroline exterior, the rays reach all the way into the center. The Caroline basket is shown in the center above and a close up of the rays going into the center of the interior is shown at the right.

A variant Smooth Rays basket is also attributed to Dugan simply because it is found in peach opal. These small baskets have a rayed pattern on the interior that leaves a large clear unpatterned center. The exterior also has a rayed pattern that starts in the center of the marie. The handles of these baskets are all pointed at the top. There are even differences in the number of interior rays seen on the few baskets that are known.