Ski Star - Dugan
A unique pattern and easily remembered. Overlapping crescents form large and small stars. The crescents are heavily stippled. If the bowls have a smooth edge, the exterior pattern is Cactus and if the bowls have a beaded edge (rarer), the exterior pattern is Jeweled Hearts.

Large 10 to 11 inch bowls are found along with smaller berry bowls in peach opal and purple. Small plates with a crimped edge are known in peach opal. These large and small pieces have a collar base.

Medium size pieces are also found with a dome foot. These are typically found in peach opal and only on accasion in purple. They can be shaped as a bowl, hand-grip plate, banana bowl shaped or tri-corner (see photo upper right). They also have the compass exterior.

Baskets are found in two sizes but always in peach opal. Baskets are made from the dome footed pieces.