Shriners Items
The Shriners fraternal organization commissioned champagne glasses and other items for its annual conventions in the early part of the 1900s. Just who made them is the question. Some are found with U.S. Glass labels, although the labels may not be correct. In a 1996 book by Chas West Wilson, grandson of the founder of Westmoreland who was an avid member of Shriners, the pieces are credited to Westmoreland.
Sample pieces found include:

1905 Niagra Falls mug, three handles

1908 St. Paul goblet glass (3rd from left)

1908 St. Paul sheath of wheat toothpick holder or shot glass

1908 Pittsburgh toothpick holder, gold decor

1909 Louisville tobacco leaf (2nd from left)

1909 Los Angeles toothpick holder or shot glass

1910 New Orleans alligators (far right)

1911 Rochester painted camel rider (left)