Basketweave and Cable (Basketweave) - Westmoreland
Chas West Wilson in his Westmoreland book calls the pattern Basketweave. Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile in various editions of their encyclopedia call the pattern Basketweave and Cable.
Shell and Jewels - Westmoreland
Shell and Jewels is part of an early Westmoreland line called Victor, only the creamer and sugar have been found iridized. The lids are typically not iridized, but Eric Solberg sent in a photo of his that was, indeed, iridized. The set shown here is in aqua. Other colors include amethyst, green and marigold. Scarce pattern.
Strutting Peacock - Westmoreland
Strutting Peacock is found only in this breakfast set of a small covered creamer and sugar. For some reason, the lids are never iridized. These are found only in amethyst and green.

Westmoreland reproduced these in the 1970s and whimsied the sugar base into a small rosebowl for Levay.