Scroll Embossed - Imperial
Above left is the dramatic Scroll Embossed plate. This one has colors seemingly applied to individual loops. Many have the same stretch effect seen near the edge of this one. The ruffled bowl on the top right has the File exterior and is smoke. Bowls commonly have this back pattern or may be plain or carry the Hobstar and Tassle back.

Other Scroll Embossed pieces have plain backs, some Eastern Star, some File.

The two photos on the bottom show the Hobstar and Tassle back pattern. It measures 7 inches across and is purple.

Scroll Embossed compotes are found in three sizes. The large size, shown above left, has the Eastern Star (sometimes called Curved Star--which it is not) on the exterior and an octagonal foot. The middle size, above center, usually referred to as small, has a round foot and only a plain exterior. The smallest size (right), called a miniature as it is a little more than three inches tall, also has a round foot and plain exterior, usually round but occasionally ruffled.