Sailboats - Fenton
In addition to the small sailboats, this pattern is distinguished by the stippled, curved frames around alternating lake scenes and smaller windmill scenes. The pattern is found in small bowls, also referred to as sauces, plates made from the bowls, water goblets, compotes ruffled from the goblet, and wine glasses. Above are a red bowl and a blue plate. The bowls and plates have Fenton's Orange Tree as the exterior pattern and come with a collar base. Both the bowls and the plates are about 6 inches across. The plates are found in blue and marigold. The bowls are found mostly in blue, green, marigold and red. Bowls also come in a variety of other colors but these are seen less frequently.
Shown above are a 4 1/2 inch tall wine, a 7 inch tall goblet and a compote made from the goblet. Both the wine and the goblets have ovals around the piece. Inside each oval is a scene of a sailboat and trees. The detail in the goblets is greater given its larger size. While the plates and bowls also have windmills, the stemmed pieces do not. The wines have a patterned band above the ovals while the goblets have this both above and below. There are "Xs" in the patterned band that are very similar to the bands found on the outer edges of Coral, Little Fishes and Peter Rabbit.

Compotes and wine glasses are found in blue and marigold and the much rarer goblets are found in amethyst, green and marigold. The marigold compote has also been found with a crimped and ruffled top edge.