Poppy Show - Northwood
After years of uncertainty about who made this pattern, joint research by Karen McIntyre and Glen and Stephen Thistewood has established definitive Northwood attribution for this highly desirable pattern. Because of the elaborate pattern, damage is sometimes hard to see. This ice green plate sold at the 2012 Heart of America Carnival Glass convention. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions. Above is one of the few known Poppy Show plates in aqua opal. There are only a few bowls known in this color as well.

Nine inch bowls and plates are found in amber, amethsyt, aqua opal, blue, green, horehound, ice blue, ice green, lime green, marigold, and white.

Rose Show - Northwood
Rose Show and the similar Poppy Show are very popular patterns. Found in ruffled bowls and plates, this pattern is available in a host of colors. Although neither Rose Show nor Poppy have ever been found with a Northwood mark, the joint discovery by Karen McIntyre and Glen and Stephen Thistlewood of a Northwood ad showing these pieces has confirmed the maker. They appeared in a 1913 trade ad with other known Northwood patterns.

The top row shows a plate in emerald green (green base glass with primarily blue iridescence) and an aqua opal bowl which is a relatively easy color to find in bowls. The bottom row shows a ruffled bowl in blue, the base of an aqua bowl showing the basketweave exterior and an ice green plate.

These 9 inch bowls and plates come in a range of colors including amethyst/purple, aqua, aqua opal, black amethyst, blue, emerald green, green, horehound, ice blue, ice green, ice green opal, lime green, lime green opal, marigold, marigold on custard, sapphire blue and white. Rose Show is occasionally found in uniridized blue opal.

Rose Show Variant - Northwood
The Rose Show variant is most quickly distinguished from Rose Show by the sawtooth edge. It also has a ribbed back and the inside area of the collar is flat (on the regular, this area is indented to follow the front pattern). Oddly, plates are more common than bowls in this pattern.

While Rose Show comes in many different colors, Rose Show Variant is limited to blue, marigold and renningers blue.