Ripple - Imperial
Although it's probably the most often seen Carnival vase, Ripple is still highly desireable. There are five different base sizes, heights from under five inches to about 18 inches, a range of colors and a variety of flares and ruffling. A collection of the various bases, heights, colors and ruffled tops can make for quite a collection. The five base sizes are captured in the photo above and described below:

2 1/2 inches; the smallest size is called a mini.
2 7/8 inches; the second smallest is not called anything specifically.
3 3/8 inches; the "standard" base size, is seen most often.
4 inches; the second largest is called a mid-size funeral.
4 1/2 inches; the largest base size is referred to as the funeral vase.

The photo above demonstrates the various colors found in Ripple. The photo above shows aqua, purple, white, helios, marigold, smoke and amber from left to right. Other colors found include: blue, clambroth, green, lavender, lime green, olive green, powder blue, red, teal, vaseline and violet.

Some have been swung in such a way that the ripples almost disappear, leaving the interior vertical ribbing the most obvious feature. Red is the most rare color, with one reported example. There is also one with enameling. Blue is quite hard to find with only a couple of examples in cobalt though quite a few in lighter blue.

It should be noted that Ripple was reproduced in marigold, smoke, and pink. These should be marked "IG".