Ranger - Imperial
Ranger is a simple pattern of vertical and horizontal lines forming square shapes around each piece. Several manufacturers made a Ranger product. Cristales de Mexico made a tumbler that is marked on the bottom with a "C" over an "M". Australia's Crystal Glass Company made a pattern called Blocks and Arches which looks like the three pitchers in the photo to the right and also the Butler Brothers ad below. The handles to Blocks and Arches pitchers are curved.

Imperial also made several shapes called Ranger. Fortunately, they appeared in an Imperial catalog with a mold number of 711. The vase, to the left, is in smoke and is 8 inches tall. Vases are also found in marigold which is the predominant color for Imperial Ranger items. Handles on Imperial Ranger pieces are angled as shown in the catalog below. Other shapes include water sets, sherberts, various sized bowls and creamers and sugars.

The cracker jar above is in white and is shown in the Imperial catalog below.