Puzzle - Dugan
The pattern for which this is named is on the inside, a sort of double fishhook design. The exterior pattern is called Floral and Wheat. The pattern is found only in footed bonbons (which some collectors call handled compotes) although some are pulled into banana dish shapes. To the right is a Puzzle bonbon in the banana dish shape in purple.

Colors found include amber, blue, lavender, peach opal, purple and white.

Question Marks - Dugan
This pattern is found in two-handled footed bonbons (at left), compotes, and plates flattened from the compotes (right two photos) that measure about 7 inches across. Some examples have a plain exterior and foot, others a peach pattern called Georgia Belle on the exterior and the Puzzle pattern (double fishhook) on the foot of the compote and plate.

Pieces are found in blue, lavender, lime green, marigold, peach opal, pink, purple and white.

Starfish - Dugan
Less elaborate than Dugan's Five Hearts, Starfish has six heart-shaped elements radiating out from the center. The hearts are fairly pronounced and there is a fine mesh within them. They are available in two stemmed pieces; handled bonbons or compotes in peach opal or purple.

Also, don't confuse with Dugan's similar Question Marks above.