Peoples Vase - Millersburg

The most desirable of all Carnival vases--and perhaps of all Carnival patterns. Apparenty made by Millersburg as a tribute to the people of Millersburg, Ohio, where the company was located. The pattern shows people dancing. There are only about 10 known. They include amethyst (all with ruffled tops like the vase on the right), green, blue, and marigold. Two in amethyst were discovered in 1996 and sold at auction that year. Shown are blue, green, and amethyst, all from the collection of the late Floyd and Cecil Whitley.

Interestingly, the prices on the blue vase have been tracked over the years. It sold in 1963 for $75, in 1967 for $1,350, in 1969 for $2,700, in 1973 for $4,500, again in 1973 for $8,100, and in 1982 for $5,000. The vase sold privately in 2002 for $75,000 and for $100,000 at the 2006 Heart of America Carnival Glass Association auction. It then sold for $155,000 at the 2019 Keystone convention.