Peacocks (Peacocks on the Fence) - Northwood
The Peacocks pattern has two birds sitting on a fence--thus the alternate name. Most have Northwood's ribbed back although a few are known with basketweave or plain back. This makes little difference in the price, although another variation does; pieces with a stippled background (above center) are valued more highly. The pattern only comes in plates and bowls. There are two edge treatments to the bowls, ruffled (far left) and pie crust edge (PCE) (far right). Most measure 8 to 9 inches across. Northwood's Peacocks is found in a wide range of colors.
The photo at far lef tshows a bowl in Renninger blue. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.The stippled plate in the center photo, was also listed as Renninger blue and sold at the 2003 ACGA convention auction. Photo courtesy of Burns Auctions. These two pieces show the difference the iridescence can make in the outward appearance of pieces with the same base glass color.

The photo at far right shows the first reported Peacocks stippled plate in peach opalescent. It was owned by Bob and Kim Barnes until they sold it on eBay.

This powder blue slag, or sorbini, Peacocks ruffled bowl (shown from both front and back) is courtesy of Tom and Sharon Mordini. This is true "slag" glass with swirls of two different colors in the glass.

It is one of two known.