Peacock - Millersburg

Yet another confusing Peacock pattern. This one is different from the Millersburg, Fenton, and Northwood Peacock and Urn patterns in that it does not have a bee at the tip of the bird's beak. There are two sizes of molds, a large one used for the large berry bowls, and a small one for the small berry bowls and sauces (above center).

The photo to the far right show a tricorner bowl in amethyst with spectacular blue iridescence that sold in 2013 for $25,000.


Berry bowls were made from the same molds as the ice cream shapes but pulled up slightly then flared, Some are ruffled, like the large one to the left, others round, like the sauce next to it. At the right is a close up of the Millersburg Peacock Proof sauce. While it has no bee, it differs from the others in that it has no urn on top of the column (there's a flower there) and the front leg appears to be incomplete on most examples.

Here are three of the rarest pieces in the Millersburg Peacock pattern. Upper left is an oval bowl in vaseline and, in the center, a rosebowl whimsey, also in vaseline. There is also one in amethyst. At the right is an amethyst spittoon whimsey; one is also known in marigold. The spittoon whimsey sold for $34,000 in 2011.