Filigree - Dugan
This unusual 12-inch vase in purple is thought to be the first piece of iridized glass made by Dugan.
Pagoda Vase - Dugan
Very rare vase. It is in amethyst and 17 inches tall. It sold in 2009 where the auctioneer did not think it was American.

In 2012, without known attribution, many folks had reverted to the default of "possibly European." However, both Glen Thistlewood and Carl O. Burns felt that the Giant Pagoda vase had significant Dugan characteristics -- namely the edge points similar to Target and Paneled Treetrunk vases; and the base shaping similar several Dugan vase patterns.

In 2013, Mike Carwile, while searching through boxes of shards from the Dugan dump he had bought years before, came across some pieces that were obviously from a Giant Pagoda vase. So it would appear that, almost certainly, the vase was made by Dugan.

Paneled Treetrunk - Dugan
This extraordinary vase is in purple and has a base diameter of almost 5 inches. Not much is known about it, but thought to have been made by Dugan. Glen and Stephen Thistlewood report in their Network #16 the finding of a purple example by Alan Henderson in England. It is shorter with an 8 3/4-inch flare at the top, leaving it just 6 inches tall.
Rib and Flute - Dugan
With its fine ribs at the bottom, morphing into flutes at the top, this vase is often a puzzle to identify. There were at least two different moulds for this vase--one with a 30-point star on the base and one with a 32-point star. The configuration of the flutes at the tops are different as well. The few 32-point star examples seen have all been marigold, often with iridescence on the top half only. The 30-point star examples seen have been amethyst. Heights generally range from about 11 to 15 inches tall.
Spiralex - Diamond
Spiralex vases have eight thin ribs which form delicate flames around the top of the vases. These thin ribs distinguish it from Dugan's similar Wide Rib, which has eight ribs ending in bulbous rib points. Spiralex can also be distinguished from Wide Rib by its smaller base diameter (five different base sizes from 3 to 3.5 inches), and flatness on top of the collar base (Wide Rib is puffy). Peach opal examples will be Wide Rib, as will white examples. Shown are typical marigold and blue examples of Spiralex. The twist was introduced while the vase was being swung, and can run in either direction.

Spiralex vases are usually about 10 to 13 inches tall. They are found in amethyst, marigold, and blue. Scarce aqua examples appear occasionally. There are a very few rare sapphire Spiralex vases known.

Thin Panel - Dugan
These smallish vases are often referred to as Thin Rib, Narrow Panel, or similar names. These have thin vertical panels around the trunk. Found only in peach opal (with varying opal) and purple, they have a variety of top treatments. Typically 5 to 7 inches tall.

When found in purple, the treatments on the top can be varied. Pictured here are a ruffled top, a swung vase and a JIP shaped top.

When found in peach opal, the piece is typically a JIP shape with tight crimped edge as shown.