Pansy - Imperial
Pansy has a straightforward design with a group of the flowers in the center and the stems extending out toward the edge in bowls (with Arcs back pattern), plates, nappies and pickle dishes. On the breakfast sets, there are pansies on each side. Imperial reissued purple bowls in 1981 and nappies at other times.
While the Pansy breakfast set, a small creamer and open sugar, are generally most desirable as a pair, they frequently are found individually. The set shown here is amber. The single-handled nappies are most often seen in amber or marigold, though purple is found fairly often. The one shown here is in the rare Imperial blue.
While these pieces are traditionally known as dresser trays, Imperial did not make dresser sets, so these would not have been intended as dresser trays. Probably just a simple table tray.