Orange Peel and Fruit Salad - Westmoreland
The name says it all; pieces appear to have thin overlays of stippled orange peel covering the entire exterior. Shown above are two punch sets. The marigold version includes custard cups as they have the peels extending above the rim. These custard cups would not make for good punch cups as it would be difficult to drink from them. The teal green punch set includes the correct punch cups as they lack the extended peels and thus have a smooth top rim. Punch sets and cups are also found in amber, amethyst and aqua.
Above to the left are three custard cups in teal, amethyst and marigold. To the right is a sherbet in green and a peach opal compote whimsey flattened from a sherbet. These stemmed pieces are found in amethyst, marigold, peach opal and teal.
Note the similarity to Westmoreland's Fruit Salad below.
Fruit Salad, found only in punch set pieces, has a distinctive design with prominent ears around the edge of the bowl. This same unusual edge is also found in Westmoreland's Orange Peel that has a stippled pattern rather than fruit. All Fruit Salad cups have smooth rims and thus they are all punch cups.

Fruit Salad is not found frequently in any color but marigold would be the most common color. Amethyst and peach opal would be considered rare. Blue opal would be very rare as there may only be one known set. Perhaps the punch cups were never sold as custard cups because even they only appear at auction on a rare occasion.

Above are photos of the only known blue opal Fruit Salad punch set and of the hard to find amethyst set. No punch cups are known in blue opal while amethyst cups can be found with a little effort. Both these sets sold at the 2022 International Carnival Glass Association auction. Photos courtesy of Seeck Auctions.